Sample Student Theses

Below are downloads (PDF format) of the M.A. (Religion) theses of some of our graduates to date.

Note: Certain requirements for current thesis students have changed since earlier theses were completed.

Thesis Topic



Jesus is Light: The Meaning of Light in the Gospel of JohnScott Davis2018
A Defense of Presuppositional Apologetics and Its Practical Application to the Public University CampusR. Shane Hartley2018
Earnestly Desiring Prophecy: Understanding and Obeying the Command of 1 Corinthians 14:1Chadwick Haygood 2018
Habits and the Heart: Reclaiming Habituation's Place in Biblical CounselingBrian Mesimer2018
The Creation Mythologies of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien: Fantasy Literature as a Means of Edification for the Mind and HeartDave Perrigan2018
A Look at Revival in the Context of Josiah's Revival and the First Great Awakening in NorthamptonShane Prim2018
The Kingship of Christ as a Model for Leadership: A Study in the Pastoral EpistlesMichael Prodigalidad2018
Not Good to be Alone: The Role of the Local Church in Reaching the Lonely and IsolatedCraig Riggall2018
Called Out of the World and Into Vocation: Reformed Contributions to a Theology of Vocation as responses to Roman Catholic and Anabaptist TraditionsViktor Szemerei2018
Seek First the Kingdom: A Framework for Vocation in Light of the Kingdom of God Sam Webb2018
Little Ones and the Lord's Supper: A Thrid WayCharles Betters2017
The Doctrine of the Church in the Writings and Life of Carl F. H. HenryJeffery Blick2017
Paul's Athens Address as a Cross-Cultural Missions Paradigm Containing Both Bridge-Building and CritiqueAaron Johnstone2017
A Historical Review of Catechesis: Development, Use, and DisuseJohn Kidd2017
Revelation and the Suffering Church: The Tribulation, Kingdom, and Preseverance, Which Are in Christ JesusDean Klein2017
The Source of Hope: A Textual and Literary Exploration of Lamentations 3 in MT & Codex BMatthew Lanser2017
The Book of Jonah: Refealing the Attributes of GodMichael Pettingill2017
Design Thinking for Mission: A Framework for Agile ContextualizationTyler Prieb2017
The Pursuit of Happiness and Man's Greatest Good in Augustine's Theology of Love and John Piper's Christian Hedonism: An AnalysisJames Rosenquist2017
A Theology of Union: What it Means to Belong to God, In ChristAdam Sinnett2017
Language: Obstacle and Oppurtunity an Examination of the Phenomenon of Human Language and the Church's Approach to the Multitude of Languages Present in the WorldAndrew Warner2017
Money and Possessions: Fundraising Ministry in the Already-Not YetJeffrey Chipriano2016
The Temple of God and the Early Christian ChurchRyan Dennis2016
Translating the Bible: The Case for a Mediating ApproachEric Fields2016
Regeneration: Questions AnsweredDianne Geary2016
The Oneness Theology of the United Pentecostal Church International as Articulated by David K. BernardRichard Gimpel2016
Intra-Trinitarian Love as an Essential Teaching Within Pastoral Ministry: A Potential Deterrent to Man-CenterednessRobert Holman2016
Preaching the Gospel in the Light of the CovenantsSteven Johnstone2016
What it Means to Be Hospitable: Paul's Commands in Light of His Mediterranean ContextBen Jolliffe2016
Covenants and the Eschatological Kingdom of GodPaul Y. Kim2016
Unto the Thousandth Generation: The Evangelical Importance of an Eschatology That Embraces Suffering for ChristPaul LeFavor2016
Missiological Necessity of the CharismataAdam Mabry2016
Vocational Participation an Ethical Paradigm in the Narrative of GenesisChristopher Smithson2016
Diversity in Public Worship: A Biblical Understanding of the Regulative PrincipleJason Jolly2015
Living in the Tension: An Exploration of Common Grace in the Dutch Calvinist TraditionEric Mitchell2015
The End-Time Kingdom of God: A Biblical Theological Approach to EvangelismKevin Shoemaker2015
The Importance of the Noahic Covenant and It's Function as the Basis of Creation CarePei Tsai2015
Working Women on Mission: Engagment and Edification in the ChurchTina Walker2015
Maintaining a Biblical Perspective on the Role of Chaplains in the Effective Care and Healing of Hospital Patients Maria Colfer  2014 
The Christian's Identity in Christ: A Framework for Pastoral MinistryPaul Hamilton2014
Good Neighbors: The Strategic Role of the Church in Relation to Culture and Public Issues  Thomas Harr 2014
The Pastor as FatherPhillip Hunter2014 
For We Offer to Him His Own: Eucharist and Malachi in the New Testament and Early Church Jon Jordan2014 
The Need for Meditation on Scripture: To Fashion the Christian Mind and Form a Biblical WorldviewJeff Lammers 2014 
Understanding the Infant Baptism in the Covenant Community of God's PeopleDavid Reichelderfer2014
Submission to Your EldersClell Smyth2014
The Healthy Pastor: A Holistic Approach to Pastoral Training  Jordan Vale  2014 
The Meaning of Matthew 18:17b in its Historical and Literary Context and its Application in the Church TodayGlenn Waddell 2014 
A Biblical Response to the Healthcare Debate William Cron 2013
Proclaiming Christ in a Post-Christian Culture  Andrew Hambleton 2013 
The Chronology of Major Eschatological Events in Chapters 4 to 19 of Revelation Ian Macintyre 2013
A Theology of Business: A Reformed Perspective on the Basis and Application of Christian Ethics in Business  Brian Ruffner  2013 
Pastor Polygamists: Biblical Counsel for the African Church Paul Schlehlein2013
Corporate Prayer in the Book of Acts: Lessons for the American Chruch  John Spina 2013 
A Tri-perspectival Approach to an Ethic of the Use of Material Possessions Geoffrey Stabler  2013 
Classical and Christian Paideia According to Saint Chrysostom, Sait Basil, and Saint Augustine Nathan Carr 2012
The Biblical Means to Freedom From Habitual Sin  Joe Chestnut 2012 
A Theological Anthropology Towards Understanding the Origin of and Need For Community Christopher DiVietro 2012 
Segregated Sunday: Issues and Possibilities for a United Church Alicia Gower 2012 
Piercing Through the Veil: The Eucharistic Doctrine of Edward PuseyMatthew Harlow 2012 
From Filthy Whore to Spotless Bride: Marriage, Infidelity, Divorce and Reconciliation as Metaphor in the Latter Prophets Robert Huffstedtler 2012 
Christian TactfulnessMatthew Lukowitz 2012 
Only That Which is Good Can Be Evil - Augustine on Evil As Privatio Bono  Matthew Monahan 2012
Outward and Ordinary Means of Grace: How Those Means Are Effectively Communicated to God's People Robert Olson 2012 
Art as Originating in the Image of God in Man and the Cultural Mandate Sam Sinns 2012 
The Elder and His Rebellious Child: Is He Still Qualified? Michael Chipman2011 
An Epistemological Justification for the "Hold Paramount" Language in Professional Engineering Codes of Ethics Keith Elder  2011
Understanding the Relationship Between Liberation Theology and the Ministry of Reconciliation Robert Getty2011 
Our Adoption by God - God's Plan from Eternity Past: How it Compares to Theology and Church Practice Aaron Hartman 2011 
Biblical Foundations for Ethics in the Age of Fulfillment Christopher Haven 2011 
Gregory Nazianzen's Pneumatology Completes the 4th Century Trinitarian Theology  Frederick Lo  2011
Deuteronomical Biblical Witness and its Interrelationship to Covenant Obedience Scott McManus 2011 
Contending for the Gospel: Following Paul's Example in the Epistle to the GalatiansDavid Palmer  2011
The Response of the Church to Domestic Violence: A Silent or Active Voice to Broken Families  Steven Saul  2011 
Comparative Study of Christian, Jewish and Islamic TheodicyFrank Sindler  2011 
Save the Children: Good K-12 Formal Education is Necessarily ChristianBruce Smith 2011 
Jesus and Work: The Role of Work and Vocation in the Gospels  David Stiles  2011 
Making Disciples: A Foundation for an Integrated Mission Program Linda Stromsmoe 2011 
Chinese Mission on Fire - A Theological Based Approach for Effective Chinese Evangelism Ying Chan Fred Wu  2011
The Suburban Church's Role in the Urban Missions  Patrick Donohue 2010 
The Doctrine of God in the Church of the Nazarene  Chuck Goddard  2010 
Apostasy in Pastoral Theology Steve Hays2010
Counseling the Depressed Person: The Puritan Alternative to Secular Psychology David Herding2010
Serampore: Telos of the Reformation  Samuel Masters 2010
A Comparative Analysis of the Question of Natural Law in Modern Reformed ConversationLandon Rowland 2010 
Covenant Education Jason Wood  2010 
Theology of Assurance Within the Marrow Controversy  Gerald L. Chrisco 2009 
Paul, Ananias, and Authority: An Exegetical Study of Acts 22:30-23:5  J. L. Gerdes 2009 
James D.G. Dunn and the Social Function of the Law  Joseph C. Ho 2009 
Calvin's Controversial Vivifying Flesh Doctrine  Dan Jensen  2009 
The Grace of Giving  Michael H. McKeever  2009 
American Christian ZionismMichael Newkirk 2009 
The Royal Law: What It Meant and What It MeansAndrew Sherrill  2009 
Teaching Postmodern People Theological Truth  Anthony R. Turner  2009
The Family-Integrated Church Movement: An Exploration in Ecclesiology Jason Webb 2009
Zephaniah: Protology in Eschatology  Mark A. Winder 2009 
Covenant Theology from the Perspective of Two Puritans Renfred Errol Zepp  2009 
The Perpetual Significance of the Lord's Day Daniel A. Betters 2008 
The Spiritual Discernment of George Whitefield  Lynnette Bond  2008
Suffering Toward Sanctification  Claude Marshall   2008 
Mission: A Mark of the Church? Toward a Missional Ecclesiology   Robinson W. Mitchell 2008
Spener’s "Proposals to Correct Conditions in the Church" as the Basis for The Evangelical Covenant Church’s Affirmations  James W. Ptak 2008
The Reformation and the Visual Arts   Randy C. Randall   2008 
Fostering Sustainability  Ken Stout  2008 
Communication through Sermon for the Korean Church in a Postmodern Period  Shin C. Tak  2008 
Defining the Essential Components of Indigenization: A Roadmap for Parachurch Mission Agencies Serving the Bahamas   Daniel A. Weightman  2008
Thy Kingdom Come: The Missionary Theology and Practice of Jonathan Edwards   Ronald S. Baines  2007 
The Educational Philosophy of Jonathan Edwards: An Analysis and Application of His Calvinistic Psychology  Erick John Blore  2007 
Like Sheep Without a Shepherd: The Shepherd Metaphor and Its Primacy for Biblical Leadership Phillip Gene Carnes2007
Calvin: The Papacy and the Ascension  Kevin Chiarot   2007
The Separation of Craniopagus Conjoined Twins: A Bioethical Analysis J. Grady Crosland, M.D.   2007
Finding Hope in God's Word and His Sovereignty in Depression  Natalie P. Flake 2007 
Life in the New Creation: The Eschatological Character of Paul's Ministry and Theology in Galatians  Dante Spencer Mably 2007
The Point of the Southern Baptists' Departure From the Doctrines of Calvinism Jim Maples 2007
One Holy Catholic, and "Evangelical" Church: Seeking a Faithful and Unified Doctrine for Evangelical Worship   Daniel Millward  2007 
Waving Palm Branches: The Markan Triumphal Entry in Light of Historical Criteria   Timothy James Nicholls 2007 
Reforming Ministry to Youth in the Postmodern Context: Archetypes, Reactions, and Solutions from a Biblical-Covenantal Perspective Greg Schneeberger  2007 
Union With Christ and the Sacraments: Clarifying the Federal Vision Theology of Douglas Wilson and Peter Leithart Steven Walker 2007 
The Personal Nature of Kingdom Hope  Michael Winebrenner 2007 
The Eschatology of Genesis, With Particular Reference to Chapters 1 and 2  Andrew Young  2007 
Classical Christian Education: Developing a Biblical Worldview in the 21st Century  Richard G. Abshier  2006 
Jan Hus' Chalice: Symbol of Christian Freedom   Dennis Di Mauro2006
Receiving Christ Better: The Eucharist Theology of Robert Bruce  Jeffrey Hamling 2006 
Jonathan Edwards on Justification by Faith Alone: An Analysis of His Thought and Defense of His Orthodoxy  Jonathan Ray Huggins 2006 
A Charles H. Spurgeon Response to Current Evangelicalism's Lost Doctrine of RepentanceBradley D. Johnson2006 
Prayer or Despair? The Parables of the Friend at Midnight and the Unjust Judge Ronald A. Julian   2006
The Element of Dance in Worship Noah Denver Manring 2006 
John Witherspoon, Common Sense, and Original Sin Daniel Craig Norman  2006 
An Examination of Campus Crusade for Christ's Approach to Fulfill the Great Commission Through Spiritual Movements James Mark Randle  2006 
The Doctrine of Adoption Garry M. Senna 2006
"Biblical Masculinity": Understanding Biblical Masculinity  Joseph Olan Stubbs2006 
The Study of Ethical Issues and Solutions in the Modern Society: Centered on Marriage and Remarriage in South Korea Young C. Tak 2006 
Paul, the Law, and the Dawning of the Messianic Age: An Eschatological Proposal for the Law/Faith Contrast in Galations 2:15-21 Stephen R. Turley 2006 
The Relationship between Faith and Works: A Comparison of James 2:24 and Ephesians 2:8-10 Jeremy Alder  2005 
The Self-Attesting Nature of the New Testament Canon  John Gordon Duncan2005 
Train Up a Child in the Way He Should Go: Parental Use of Biblical Stories in Teaching for Moral Growth Mary Lyn Huffman 2005 
The Conflict between Liberty of Conscience and Church Authority in Today's Evangelical Church  Gregory Perry 2005 
The Purpose of Money: A Balanced View Taylor Wise  2005 
Eschatological Significance of Human Vocation  Joshua Guzman  2004 
Seeing Hell: Do the Saints in Heaven Behold the Sufferings of the Damned (And How Do They Respond)  Trevor C. Johnson 2004 
Creation Ordinances and Culture  Michael Munoz2004 
A Comparison of the Doctrine of Assurance in the Theology of John Calvin and Karl Barth  Yaroslav Viazovski 2004 
Roman Catholics: A Mission Field?  Jack Williamson  2004 
A Just War Response To The 11 September 2001 Terrorist Attack  Dale Courtney  2003 
Christology and Psalm 2:7 in the Book of Hebrews Bruce Etter 2002 

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