RTS Global Education Testimonials

I needed someone to take me by the hand, show me what to study, and what books and writers could be trusted. RTS was the natural go-to institution for me. Global. Reformed. Well-respected. And, of course, offering a 100% distance masters program.

Steve Johnstone

Evangelist in Cape Town, South Africa

It is challenging to bring Reformed theology to Chinese Christianity, due to the complexity of cultural and social conditions in the history of Chinese churches. RTS Global played an indispensable role in equipping me in the process of developing a local church, the fourth Chinese PCA church in the United States.

Ying ChanFred Wu

Principle Engineer for Siemens Corporation

Ruling Elder, Orlando Chinese Evangelical Christian Church

God has used RTS Global as a means to deepen my love for Him, His Word, and His Church. This has proven to be a blessing not only to me, but also to the local church where God has granted me abundant opportunities to share His Word with other women.

Kathy Blankenship

Bible Study Leader

World-class scholar pastors, mind enriching truths, and heart stirring teaching describe my RTS Global experience. If you want your mind and heart challenged, then attend RTS Global.

Kevin Jackson,

Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Grenada, Mississippi

President of the Mississippi Baptist Pastor's Conference

RTS Global has given me the opportunity to receive an academically challenging, Bible-centered education while I work and minister in my hometown.

Shelly Spidel

Worship Leader & Fabric Shop Manager

RTS Global was the right fit at the right time for me. With a young family, a commitment to being an elder at my local church, and a job I loved, I was not in a position to complete a full-time residency program. RTS Global combined the academic rigor, spiritual warmth, and the flexible schedule I need to finish my Master's degree. I left encouraged in my faith, equipped for ministry, and prepared for PhD work. I am grateful to God for the gift of RTS Global!

Justin Taylor

Senior Vice President and Publisher for Crossway

My studies at RTS Global help me serve the pre-teen and young adult women in my church as we strive to live as biblical women in the 21st century.

Tara Barthel

Homemaker & Author

I never thought that I would be able to find something flexible enough to work with my life as a father, husband, and full-time minister; yet also have the depth of theological studies and multiple programs in seminary. RTS Global has found a way to minister to me as well as allow me to minister to others.

Chad Johnson

Director of Hope 4 Kids

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