Mentoring Program

The church-based mentor is a key component of the M.A. degree programs, and all Global M.A. students are required to choose a mentor early in their degree work. Students meet with their mentors to review course material and discuss application to personal growth and ministry. The mentor may be a pastor, elder, or other qualified lay person in the church.

Mentors discuss lectures with students, may serve as proctors for exams, read theses, and help evaluate the progress of the students throughout the program. They are invited to attend the on-campus seminars at RTS to gain a fuller picture of the scope of the M.A. degree

RTS Global Education provides mentors with resources for effective mentoring, including schedules and guides for working through each course with the student. For a more detailed description of the mentoring program, contact Edward Murray, Director of Admissions at

Current students can download the Mentor Agreement Form here, and the Course Mentor Report Forum here.