Distance Education Faculty

The professors of Distance Education are in many cases the ones who taught the course on a RTS residential campus. In other cases, the faculty have Ph.D's in their subject area of the course and are covering this material in the online classroom. The faculties main responsiblity is to answer the students questions in the Student-to-Professor Forum and to grade the course paper. 

Dr. Michael Allen
    Systematic and Historical Theology | Orlando
    ST519: Ecclesiology and Sacraments

Dr. James Anderson    
    Theology and Philosophy | Charlotte    
    Church and the World | History of Philosophy and Christian Thought
    Pastoral and Social Ethics | Apologetics | Christian Encounter with Islam

Dr. Richard Belcher, Jr.
    Old Testament and Charlotte Academic Dean | Charlotte
    Genesis-Joshua | Judges-Esther | Poets | Isaiah-Malachi | Advanced Biblical Exegesis

Dr. Doug Falls
    Systematic Theology | Visiting Lecturer | Charlotte
    C.S. Lewis

Dr. Gabe Fluhrer
    Theology | Visiting Professor | Distance Education
    Introduction to Pastoral and Theological Studies

Dr. Donald Fortson
    Church History and Practical Theology | Charlotte
    History of Christianity I | History of Christianity II | American Presbyterianism

Dr. Mark D. Futato
    Old Testament | Orlando
    Hebrews I | Hebrew II | Hebrew Exegesis

Dr. Benjamin Gladd
    New Testament | Jackson
    Acts and Romans | Pauline Epistles | Hebrews-Revelation

Dr. Mark House
    Biblical Languages | Adjunct Faculty | Distance Education
    Greek I | Greek II | Greek Exegesis

Dr. Michael Kruger
    President | New Testament and Early Christianity | Charlotte
    Gospels | Hebrews-Revelation | Canon

Dr. Rod Mays
    Practical Theology | Adjunct Faculty | Charlotte
    Introduction to Counseling | Pastoral Counseling

Dr. Mark McDowell
    Executive Director | Systematic Theology | Dallas
    ST517: Christology, Sotierology, Eschatology

Mr. John Muether
    Church History and Dean of Libraries | Orlando
    Educational Ministry of the Church

Rev. Blair Smith
    Systematic Theology | Charlotte
    ST515: Scripture, Theology Proper, Anthropology

Dr. Guy Waters
    New Testament | Jackson
    Theology of Worship | Covenant Theology

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