Why Distance Education?

Why should you take a Distance Education course at Reformed Theological Seminary? Here are five benefits for taking a fully accredited online seminary course at RTS DE:

Flexibility: Distance Education allows greater freedom for the student to learn on their own time, at their own pace, and with 25+ courses offered year round (without semester limitations) the student has more choices and flexibility for their schedule and course study.

Travel: Distance Education does not require the student to travel back and forth each day to a specific location, which saves on gas money! Because of the online nature of the classes, the classroom is always accessible and open for the student - you merely need to log in and start posting in forums, listening to lectures, studying for an exam, or researching for your term paper.

Style: For many students sitting in a classroom for three hours at a time is not the best way for them to learn. Perhaps you learn better by slowly in little time periods doing assignments, Distance Education allows that freedom. Or maybe your only time to listen to lectures is during your commute to work, Distance Education allows that freedom. With Distance Education you have the ability to learn in a manner that suits and benefits you the most.

Networking: In the online classroom the student has the ability to meet many students from all over the world who are taking the same course. This can build bridges and develop networks with a diverse group of people you might not have normally met.

Selection: Distance Education allows the student to branch out from their normal selection of professors on their residential campus to listen to a professor that is not on their campus. This selection process not only allows the student to experience a different perspective on issues, but also unifies the RTS campuses as students can now interact with faculty who are not in their immediate vicinity.


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