What does an RTS Distance Education course look like?

Canvas: RTS Distance Education's online classroom is Canvas. Click here to preview an RTS DE course on Canvas. Once given an account on Canvas, the RTS student will find this online environment as the one-stop "shop" for all course-related content and communication. Once an RTS student takes their first distance education course, their Canvas account will remain active for the entirety of their degree program. Students will only have access to the course in which they are registered. To register for an online course please see your campus registrar or go to PowerCampus.

Video Overviews: Many of our courses include brief video overviews of each weekly lesson that are designed to give the student a preview of the week's upcoming lesson and why this lesson is important to the student's life and ministry.

Audio Lectures: Each course lesson includes an audio lecture(s) taken from live courses. The lectures have been edited into well-organized Mp3 files of approximately 50 minutes each. One lesson may have several audio lecture files but will follow the course notebook in content. To listen to course audio lectures download our mobile app.

Forums: Q&A forums are placed strategically within weekly lessons in order to help the student synthesize what they have learned during the week's lesson. As each student answers the forum question, the course professor will interact with the student to confirm their answer or require more input. 
    Student to Professor Forum: This forum is in essence, the professor's office. It gives students to opportunity to ask questions of the professor regarding paper topics, lecture content, or other course content-related questions. Students are required to introduce themselves to the professor in this forum and have a minimum number of forum interactions with the professor for their course participation grade (consult course syllabus for requirements).
    Student to Student Forum: This forum allows students to interact with one another on course topics as well as life and ministry in general. It is a place to forge some new friendships and share helpful tips when it comes to completing course assignments.

Assignment Upload Links: For each course assignment, the student is given a link to upload the assignment and provide any relative comments regarding that assignment to the professor.

Exams: All courses consist of at least one exam which are taken online in the LMS. Some things to keep in mind regarding exams: All exams require a proctor who must submit an online form confirming the exam date, time, and the proctor's presence and oversight during the exam. Proctors can be anyone except a spouse or current RTS student. All exams and proctor forums are taken/submitted online.

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