Course Syllabi and Student Handbook

The syllabi contain detailed information about the courses. This includes: description, objectives, required textbooks, requirements, and course outline. Along with this you will find biographical information about the professor, and directions on how to accomplish the requirements of the course.

Christian Education

0CE514 Educational Ministry of the Church (Muether)
0CE750 Orientation Seminar (John)
 Integrative Thesis (Anderson)
0CE752 Integration Seminar (Anderson)


0HT502 History of Christianity I (Fortson)
0HT504 History of Christianity II (Fortson)
0HT506 Church and the World (Anderson)
0HT607 American Presbyterianism (Fortson)
0HT702 History and Theology of the Puritans (Kelly)

New Testament

0NT502 Greek I (House)
0NT504 Greek II (House)
0NT506 Greek Exegesis (Cara/House)
0NT508 Gospels (Cara)
0NT516 Acts and Romans (Cara)
0NT520 Pauline Epistles (Cara)
0NT522 Hebrews through Revelation (Kruger)

Old and New Testament

0ON504 Advanced Biblical Exegesis (Cara/Belcher)

Old Testament

0OT502 Hebrew I (Futato)
0OT504 Hebrew II (Futato)
0OT506 Hebrew Exegesis (Futato)
0OT508 Genesis through Joshua (Belcher)
0OT510 Judges through Esther (Belcher)
0OT512 Poets (Belcher)
0OT516 Isaiah through Malachi (Belcher)

Practical Theology

0PT501 Introduction to Counseling (Rupp)
0PT516 Pastoral Counseling (Mays)

Systematic Theology

0ST502 Introduction to Pastoral and Theological Studies (Anderson)
0ST504 History of Philosophy and Christian Thought (Anderson)
0ST508 Systematic Theology I (Kelly)
0ST516 Systematic Theology II (Kelly)
0ST522 Systematic Theology III (Kelly)
0ST528 Pastoral and Social Ethics (Anderson)
0ST530 Apologetics (Frame)
0ST540 Christian Encounter with Islam (Anderson)
0ST601 Covenant Theology (Duncan)
0ST604 Medieval Theology  (Kelly)
0ST620 C.S. Lewis (Chamblin)

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