Long Awaited Sam Patterson Biography Just Released

French Camp Academy and Reformed Theological Seminary have just published an extensive volume chronicling the life of Samuel Coleman Patterson, evangelist and former president of both institutions.  It details the simple, Christ-like, devoted life of Sam C. Patterson through his years as a young man, pastor, U.S. Navy chaplain, president of French Camp Academy, founder and president of Reformed Theological Seminary, and life-long evangelist who led hundreds to Christ.  Few men have been a more humble servant of God or a stronger influence on others' lives for the Kingdom of God.

Few people have had the influence on the multitudes of lives that Sam Patterson had.  He was truly a "shirt sleeve" pastor who was at home with old and young, black and white, rich and poor, Christian and non-Christian..  Anyone interested in the life of such a humble Christian leader should be greatly blessed by reading How Big Is Your God: The Spiritual Legacy of Sam Patterson, Evangelist (RTSFCA Publishers – French Camp, Mississippi), by Rebecca Barnes Hobbs.

Not only does this book explore the vast influence of a compelling educator, pastor, and evangelist, it also details for the first time the founding of Reformed Theological Seminary, which was the primary catalyst in the formation of the Presbyterian Church in America.  It is no exaggeration to say that Sam Patterson's vision and drive changed the face of southern Presbyterianism.  Exhaustively researched with never-before-seen documents, this book will be a resource for church historians for years to come.

His 17 years at French Camp Academy detail the strong influence he had on young lives with problems not of their own making. The chapter on evangelism shows vividly how God used "Mr. Pat" so effectively in leading large numbers of men, women, and children into eternal life with Him.  This book will make the hundreds who knew "Mr. Pat" laugh and cry alternately and will cause those who didn't know him to wish they had!

Multiple groups and individuals will find this book a must for their bookshelves---high school, college, and seminary students; college and seminary classes in church history, church polity, and contemporary religion; church & Sunday school members; pastors and lay leaders; home study groups; evangelical Christians in general; the multitude of Sam Patterson's friends across the South. 

The book is available through: RTS Bookstore online (mindandheart.com), and RTS Bookstore, 5422 Clinton Blvd., Jackson, Miss. The cost is $19.95. A book signing event will be held at the RTS/Jackson Library on Thursday, March 3rd from 2:30 – 5:00 p.m.


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