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Responsible Biblical scholars know the importance of mastering other languages as they study God's Word. Competent ministers of the gospel must be prepared to engage with the historical context of the Ancient Near East, evaluate primary sources from antiquity, and exegete Scripture in its original form. 
RTS Orlando is home to several faculty who specialize in a variety of Biblical languages. These faculty are at the forefront of scholarship and research in their fields, and they allow RTS Orlando to offer a variety of linguistic opportunities for seminary students.  

Dr. Mark Futato, who has been teaching Hebrew for over 20 years, is a premier scholar in Hebrew grammar, and is the founder and primary contributor to the website "Daily Dose of Hebrew" which produces short language study videos that reach over 1000 viewers per day. Dr. Futato's "Beginning Biblical Hebrew" series on this platform allows students to learn Hebrew "from scratch," or review the basics of Hebrew grammar. Dr. Futato will teach Hebrew Exegesis this fall.

Dr. Nicholas Reid, RTS Orlando's resident Assyriologist who holds a D.Phil. in Oriental Studies with an emphasis on cuneiform, teaches advanced electives in the languages and cultures of the Ancient Near East. This fall he will teach a course on Akkadian, the Semitic lingua franca of ancient Mesopotamia. Dr. Reid has maintained a role in advanced scholarly research regarding the Ancient Near East, being recently appointed as a research affiliate at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at New York University.
In addition to his New Testament and regular Greek readings courses, Dr. Chuck Hill will teach "Text and Canon" this fall, which will focus on seminal writings from antiquity and on contemporary research. This course offering coincides with the release of Dr. Hill's latest book with Ryan Reeves, Know How We Got Our Bible (Zondervan, 2018), in which Dr. Hill discusses the early transmission and development of the canon, as well as the translation efforts that have produced the versions of Scripture we now read from the original language.
In November, Dr. Greg Lanier's newest publication, "Septuagint: A Readers Edition" will be released by Hendrickson Publishers. This resource, coauthored with Dr. William Ross, is yet another excellent tool for improving Greek language comprehension. Dr. Lanier will teach a Septuagint Readings course this semester, which will focus on exegesis of primary sources, syntax and linguistics of the Greek Old Testament, and historical translators' handling of their Hebrew sources. 
At RTS Orlando, seminary students can expect to be excellently trained in the Biblical languages. This training is imperative to responsible exegesis, accurate preaching of God's Word, and deeper understanding of the entirety of redemptive history.

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