Introduction to Pastoral & Theological Studies with Dr. Ligon Duncan

We are excited to announce that RTS Chancellor Dr. Ligon Duncan will teach Intro to Pastoral & Theological Studies this fall.

Introduction to Pastoral & Theological Studies (ST 502)      

Course Description:

This course is the RTS introduction to theology and pastoral ministry from the standpoint of the seminary’s confessional, theological and pastoral commitments and convictions. The classroom lectures and interaction, and the reading assignments for this course will acquaint the student with important exegetical, theological, historical, and practical issues for Christian life and ministry. Students will see the integral connection between theology and pastoral ministry: that all theology is practical and that biblical pastoral ministry must flow out of and be founded upon sound biblical theology. Students will be equipped to apply Reformed Theology in all areas of pastoral labors, and to derive their theology of ministry from theological commitments.
Course Objectives: 

To familiarize students with the basics of Reformed Theology in historical context and encourage students to reflect on the basic hermeneutical and practical implications of Reformed Theology. The course will study the significance of a Reformed worldview for pastoral and theological studies. It will also set forth and commend the distinctives of Reformed Theological Seminary in order to enhance students’ ability to benefit from the rest of the curriculum.  
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Visit Dr. Ligon Duncan's website 

This website is a resource for expository sermons, articles on key theological matters, Biblical commentary, and links to material addressing current issues and historical theology.

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