RTS at Linger Conference February 14-15, 2014 in Dallas, Texas

RTS is excited to be one of the few hand-selected exhibitors at the Linger Conference February 14-15, 2014 in Dallas, TX. We hope to see you there and to share with you how you can become an RTS student. Visit our booth to register for a book drawing!  At RTS we have a #mind4truth and a #heart4God.
The vision and purpose of the Linger Conference is to impart the fundamental importance of remaining, or "Lingering," in the presence of the King. Our attention span as a culture, even for spiritual matters, is measured in seconds and minutes rather than hours and days. This conference offers the opportunity to be transformed in the presence of God by lingering in worship, prayer, meditation on scripture, and reflection.

We hope to draw the attendance of lay people in addition to church staff and provide a conference environment where believers can linger in the presence of the Lord. We pray that this conference will spark a hunger for the presence of God and a lifelong pursuit of beholding His Glory.  For more information visit LingerConference.com.

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