Sharon Hersh to join the President's Forum on March 13

The President’s Forum 
New Addictions: Gaming and Technology
March 13

Passionate about freedom from addictions of all types, Hersh is teaching, in part, on an addiction that might uniquely impact seminary students. The demographic for those struggling with this is 18-34 year-old men.  Although every parent of an adolescent knows that this addiction might be right around the corner for their child.  MMORPG’s (massive, multiple on-line role playing games like World of Warcraft} affect the brain the same way as heroin or sexual addictions and have the same consequences in relationships with self, others, and God. 
Why is understanding this addiction especially important for those engaged in telling others the good news of the Gospel?  Join us as President Don Sweeting interviews Professor Hersh on this growing phenomenon, how it affects ministry today and how the church can and should address this.   

Hersh’s books include: The Last Addiction: Why Self Help Is Not Enough!, Begin Again, Believe Again: Embracing the Courage to Love with Abandon and Brave Hearts: Unlocking the Courage to Love with Abandon.

A lunch of pasta, salad and focaccia bread will be provided by Jason's Deli for $6 (you are also welcome to bring your own). TO RSVP for lunch, please contact Kim Sutter at 

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