Metro Christian Living features Ligon Duncan

The feature article in the April 2014 edition of Metro Christian Living was entitled, Ligon Duncan: Faithfully Following Christ.  Metro Christian Living, a local Jackson magazine, did a brief biography of Duncan including his profession of faith, his studies, his family, his service at First Presbyterian Church, and his transition to his role as Chancellor of Reformed Theological Seminary.  The article also has a section on practical advice from Ligon on the Christian life entitled, “Ligon On…”

Here’s an introductory snippet from the article:

Reformed Theological Seminary was founded in Jackson in 1966. Today it is the largest reformed evangelical seminary in the world. With campuses in Jackson, Orlando, Charlotte, Atlanta, Washington, Memphis, and Houston, RTS students come from 50 different countries and as many as 60 different denominations. There is also a virtual campus where students are able to do the majority of their course work online. Following the tenets of Reformed theology and Biblical inerrancy, the seminary offers several different degrees and preparation for careers in missions, counseling, and Christian education, as well as traditional ministry. Dr. Duncan says, “This seminary has always wanted to be about evangelism and missions and pastoral work. So our little motto is ‘a mind for truth, a heart for God, a life for ministry.’ I want the evangelical world to always know that at RTS, they’re the ‘Bible guys’— they really believe every word of the Bible.’ I want us to provide the pastors and church leaders for the evangelical church in this crisis moment in our culture,” says Dr. Duncan. 

To continue reading, you can find the article on the Metro Christian Living website here.

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