Duncan, Thomas, and Lucas: Pastor-Scholars in Our Classrooms

Dr. Ligon Duncan, Senior Minister at First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, MS, Dr. Derek Thomas, Minister of Preaching and Teaching at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC, and Dr. Sean Lucas, Senior Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Hattiesburg, MS, teach Historical and Systematic Theology from a pastor’s perspective.  Their work from the pulpit and in the lives of their congregation shapes the way they teach theology.  As Derek Thomas is fond of saying, “The only kind of theology I’m interested in is theology that can be preached.”

This fall, these three seasoned pastors will bring significant pastoral experience to bear on Historical and Systematic Theology in the classrooms of RTS Jackson.

Ligon Duncan will teach Studies in Patristic Theology on Mondays from 8-10 and Introduction to Pastoral and Theological Studies on Mondays from 10-12.  Studies in Patristic Theology will examine key figures and doctrines in the development of the early church.  Introduction to Pastoral and Theological studies will introduce the student to exegetical, theological, historical, and practical aspects of ministry, with the practice of ministry as the integrating concept to their theological studies.

Derek Thomas will teach the Theology of the Westminster Standards from October 7-11, 9-3 each day.  The Theology of the Westminster Standards is a historical and theological survey of the work of the Westminster Assembly, exploring, among other issues, the Confession’s relationship to the theology of Calvin.

Sean Lucas will teach Church Polity on Mondays from 11-12 and History of Christianity I on Mondays from 1-4.  Church Polity will examine the biblical data concerning church government, and the practical functioning thereof.  History of Christianity I will cover church history from the early church fathers up to the Reformation, focusing on the development of key Christian doctrines and important leaders from Justin Martyr to Martin Luther.

Come join us!  If you wish to enroll in these courses for credit, contact admissions.jackson@rts.edu.  If you wish to audit, contact klee@rts.edu.

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