Summer Institute for Biblical Languages in Full Swing

The Summer Institute for Biblical Languages (SIBL) is in full swing, and students are sailing through the three language classes!

Out of the 60 total students in SIBL, 35 are taking Hebrew, 14 are taking Greek, and 11 are taking Latin.

Students have enjoyed the fellowship opportunities available through SIBL, such as daily community lunch with other students and professors, and friendly games of Ultimate Frisbee twice a week. Students frequently congregate during breaks in classes to get coffee or catch up with one another. We have enjoyed meeting new RTS Jackson students, as well as students from other parts of the country or even different parts of the world.

Ever wonder if you could learn a new language? Well, in less than a month, Greek students have learned over 77% of the words in the New Testament, and will have moved through five verbal stems by next week. Hebrew students are memorizing paradigms for the Qal perfect verb stem, strong and weak verbs, and are memorizing Psalm 100 in Hebrew. Latin students have exegeted the text of "Tenere Me Ama" (Love Me Tender), and will be caroling in the Biblical Studies building for the next few week. The class favorite is currently Jingle Bells - in Latin, "Tinniat Tintinnabulum"!

We are looking forward to the coveted "summer language T-shirts," which should be delivered sometime next week. This year's shirt has all three languages on the back, and is a loved token of RTS students to remind them of their hard work in language class.

*Update: we have now received our SIBL shirts!

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