Rev. David Robertson to Speak at 2011 RTS World Missions Conference

The 2011 RTS World Missions Conference will be held on the Jackson campus from September 6-8. The keynote speaker this year is the Reverend David Robertson.

Rev. David Robertson is the minister of St Peter's Church in Dundee, Scotland, where Robert Murray McCheyne was minister.  He is also the editor for the Free Church of Scotland's Monthly Record and author of the well received Dawkins Letters and Awakening: The Life and Ministry of Robert McCheyne.

He is the “Director of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity,” Chaplain of the University of Dundee, journalist, outstanding Christian apologist, and an international conference speaker. David is well-known for engaging in debates in very public spheres like Border’s bookshops, pubs, radio, TV, and universities in Europe and in USA. His “missionary” work extends to the so-called “post-modern thinkers” and the New Atheism. God has greatly used Rev. Robertson in the lives of many throughout the world.  We are privileged to have him on campus for a few days and we hope you join us to hear him speak.

Missions Conference Schedule:
Tuesday, Sept 6, Noon            Free Pizza at Patterson's Porch (RTS Jackson campus cafeteria)
Wednesday, Sept 7, 11:00am Grace Chapel
Thursday, Sept 8, Noon Free Lunch at Patterson's Porch 
Thursday, Sept 8, 7:00pm Women In Ministry Meeting

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