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Isaiah through Malachi

RTS Global has released a new version of a classic course, Isaiah-Malachi (OT516), and the course is available for credit or audit now! Featuring lectures from Dr. Michael McKelvey, associate professor of Old Testament at RTS Jackson, this new course will lead the student through the Old Testament revelation of the prophets as it unfolds...

The RTS Global 3+1 Scholarship

RTS Global is pleased to announce a new scholarship for Global students called the 3+1 Scholarship What is it? The 3 + 1 Scholarship Program is designed with the Global student in mind. This scholarship does not have any time limits or restrictions. It's quite simple. Qualified students pay full tuition for their first three courses, and then...

Theology of C.S. Lewis

RTS Global is pleased to announce a brand-new version of Theology of C.S. Lewis (ST620) for credit or audit starting June 19th. This course, which features video lectures in high definition, is taught by Dr. Andrew Hoffecker, Professor Emeritus of Church History, and will examine selected writings of C.S. Lewis which demonstrate his stature as...

Register for Origin and Authority of the New Testament Canon

RTS Global is pleased to offer The Origin and Authority of the New Testament Canon (NT617) for credit or audit. Lectures are given by Dr. Michael J. Kruger, President and Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at RTS Charlotte. Dr. Kruger is one of the leading scholars today in the study of the origins of the New Testament, particularly...

Theology of Worship with Dr. Ligon Duncan

RTS Global Education is pleased to announce that Theology of Worship (PT526) will be available as online course starting November 7th. Students or auditors may register on that date by contacting your campus registrar.  This all video course is taught by Dr. Ligon Duncan, Chancellor and CEO of RTS, and explores the History, Practice, and...

Systematic Theology: Ecclesiology and Sacraments

RTS Distance Education presents its newest course: Systematic Theology: Ecclesiology and Sacraments with Dr. Scott Swain. Listen for free to the lectures on RTS...

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