EQUIP Seminar with Dr. Jeremy Pierre

Human beings have been labeling each other for almost as long as there have been humans. Sanguine and choleric humors, introversion and extroversion, INFJs and ESFPs, and numbers on the enneagram all claim to say something about us. Christians often wonder what, if anything, the Bible has to say about such claims. How does personality shape our lives? How does Scripture acknowledge personality? How should we consider personality in caring for others?

Come join us as Dr. Jeremy Pierre, Professor of Biblical Counseling at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and author of The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life, explores the answers to these critical questions and builds a biblical perspective of human personality.

Early Bird and Standard tickets include a book that will advance your skill and knowledge in counseling. (Please note that ‘couple’ tickets include one copy.)

Light refreshments will be served.

Ticket Prices
Single Early Bird $25 (Through June 30)
Couple Early Bird $40 (Through June 30)
Single Standard $35 (Through July 23)
Couple Standard $50 (Through July 23)
At the Door $40/person

Time & Location
Personality: An EQUIP seminar with Dr. Jeremy Pierre
6:30pm – 8:00pm
2101 Carmel Road, Charlotte, NC 28226        

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