Faculty Forum

Faculty Forum with Dr. Belcher, RTS Dining Room

Labor Day (No Class)

Women's Retreat

Women's Retreat: September 11-13.

WRTS Bible Study

RTS Dining Room

New Student Writing Workshop

IRCM Lunch (Dining Room)

Ministry Lunch: Faith Community Educator

Dining Room

WRTS Bible Study

CMI Lunch (Dining Room)

Ministry Lunch: Ken Phillips

WRTS Bible Study

Fall Break (October 5-9)

WRTS Bible Study

Faculty Forum with Dr. Kruger: "Critical Lessons to be Learned from Peter Enns' book, The Bible Tells Me So"

WRTS Bible Study

IRCM Lunch

Campus Preview Day

CMI Lunch

WRTS Bible Study

Fall Festival (RTS Lawn)

IRCM Lunch

Gen. Douglas Lee

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