RTS at ACMI Conference May 29-31, 2014 in Atlanta, GA

RTS is excited to be one of the exhibitors at the Association of Christians Ministering among Internationals (ACMI) conference May 29-31, 2014 in Atlanta, GA.  We hope to see you there and ask you to join us in praying for the mission/vision of the conference, the speakers, and attendees.

"The Association of Christians Ministering among Internationals (ACMI) is a national network of Christians who reach international students with the gospel.  Each year, ACMI conferences network national and local student ministries to collaborate and share resources.  This year, Atlanta-based hosts, RUF International, Westminster International Friends, and InterFace invite you to ACMI 2014, in Midtown Atlanta, May 29-31.  We will explore how cities, campuses, and churches are "Kingdom Intersections" for global-local world missions.  Well known author-speakers include Soong-Chan Rah, Christine Pohl, Trae Vacek, and Stephen Um.  ACMI 2014 includes multi-cultural worship, visits to a local Hindu temple and Mosque, plus 35 practical workshops to equip you in best ministry practices to reach international students.  For a welcome video, and for registration information, visit: http://acmiconference.com"

Sue Harris

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