Summer Reading Recommendations

Looking for something to read this summer?  Check out RTS Washington Resident Faculty’s reading recommendations below:

Dr. Howard Griffith, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology and Academic Dean:
Chance and the Sovereignty of God. Vern Poythress.
Dr. Griffith says, “Poythress is very brilliant, but he writes so everyone can understand.  He shows how Scripture presents God's sovereignty in light of the kinds of questions everyone asks: what about random events and disasters?  Does God control everything?  I learn theology and I learn about the contemporary world when I read Vern.”

The Hole in Our Holiness. Kevin DeYoung.
Dr. Griffith says, “This book is a plea for renewed attention to seeking holiness in the Christian life.  Because his point of view is deeply rooted in the doctrine of union with Christ, DeYoung is able to untie the knots in the current discussion (effort or faith? law or Spirit?  knowledge or activity? believing more, or action?).  Plus, he is fun to read.  You will come away with a well balanced and inspiring exposition of Scripture.”

Dr. Peter Lee, Associate Professor of Old Testament:
Grace and Glory. Geerhardus Vos.
Dr. Lee says, “Vos' Grace and Glory is an amazing collection of sermons preached by the illustrious biblical theologian Geerhardus Vos in chapel services during his tenure at Princeton Seminary.  He shows that a commitment to biblical theology as a method of biblical interpretation and Christ-centered sermons are not mutually exclusive.  Vos shares the centrality of Christ that challenges our intellect and ministers to our hearts.  If anyone is eager to see biblical theology in action as a tool of homiletics, this is a must read.”

Dr. Scott Redd, President, Associate Professor of Old Testament:
Glory Road: The Journeys of 10 African-Americans into Reformed Christianity. Edited by Anthony J. Carter.
Dr. Redd says, “I love hearing testimonies, and this is an anthology of testimonies.  I also love hearing about how Reformed theology can find application in a rich variety of contexts, which is why I particularly enjoyed hearing these Christian leaders reflect on the unique value of the Reformed system in the African American experience.”

How God Became Jesus: The Real Origins of Belief in Jesus’ Divine Nature. Michael F. Bird; Craig A. Evans; Simon J. Gathercole; Charles E. Hill; Chris Tilling
Dr. Redd says, “Yes, this book is a response to Dr. Bart Ehrman’s recent offering, but it stands alone as representative of the latest scholarship on the understanding of Jesus’ divinity in the early church.  The authors write in a way that is accessible, rigorous, and compelling, and I recommend it to all those interested in the early stages of Christian theology.”

Dr. Chad Van Dixhoorn, Associate Professor of Church History:
Just do Something. Kevin DeYoung.
Dr. Van Dixhoorn says, “Do something? Now!? De Young offers a deceptively easy read with some surprisingly hard challenges for a generation in pursuit of God's guidance. Read it, then pass it on.”

Bringing the Gospel Home. Randy Newman.
Dr. VanDixhoorn says, “Spending the summer with family or friends who don't know Christ? Pack this book and bring it along.”

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