Emergency Alert System

Last year RTS set up a new emergency alert program with the help of Rave Mobile Safety.  RaveAlert is designed to send text message and email alerts to lists of people in the event of an emergency. We are asking all students with a viable text message plan and phone number to supply this information to us in the event we need to send mass emergency communications for your campus. We hope we never have to use this system, but it is essential to provide this service to you in the event of an emergency. One test message will go out each term to students at the start of the term to help ensure the system is functioning. Any emergency messages from a campus will be limited to those students that belong to the specific campus.

To help facilitate the collection of appropriate contact phone numbers, we are asking all students to submit a number via their Self-Service account, using this link. If you do not supply this number, you will not receive emergency alerts and are considered as opting out of this service. RTS will also use email alerts from our existing mailing system when warranted, in addition to emergency communications sent via the RaveAlert system.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email RaveAlert@rts.edu and we will be happy to assist you.

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