The Theology of the Westminster Standards: A Lecture Series for Church Leaders, Laypeople and Seminary Students

This fall RTS Washington DC is delighted to host Dr. Chad Van Dixhoorn, teaching "The Theology of the Westminster Standards" Wednesday evenings, 7-10PM, October 3rd through December 12th.

This course is a must for officers in the presbyterian church, and invaluable for men and women wanting to deepen their understanding of Christian theology in the Reformed tradition. For that reason RTS DC is opening up registration for this course, and extends an invitation to DC area Christians interested in taking advantage of this opportunity.

Covering a wide range of doctrines, this course will help participants become more fluent in their understanding of the spiritual heritage of Reformed Christianity. The course is available to attendees for a fee of $50. Students may take it for credit at the normal tuition rate.

Dr. Chad B. Van Dixhoorn has accomplished perhaps the most in-depth research to date on the Westminster Confession, its context and its theology. He is editor of definitive edition of The Minutes and Papers of the Westminster Assembly, 1643-1653, published this year by Oxford University Press in five volumes.  Chad is a minister of the gospel and Associate Pastor of Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Vienna, Virginia. His students enjoy his love for Christ, his sense of humor, and his joy in the Lord.

Mathias Lohmann

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