Peter Martyr Library Contents


1. Early Writings.: M. Di Gangi, Joseph C. McLelland, Philip McNair.
Early Writings; The Apostles' Creed; Theses for Debate, propositions on the Pentateuch prepared for his students at Strasbourg, 1543-45; and The True Church (On Schism), an apologia for Martyr's 1542 flight into exile. 254 pp., incl. indexes. ISBN 0-940474-32-8. $40.00
2. Dialogue on the Two Natures in Christ. John Patrick Donnelly, S.J.
Dialogue on the Two Natures in Christ--first Engligh translation of a polemical work from the Reformed-Lutheran debate on Ubiquity (vs. John Brenz). 240 pp., incl. indexes. ISBN 0-940474-33-6. $40.00
3. Prayers from the Psalms. John Patrick Donnelly, S.J.
Martyr's prayers on the Psalter display two sides, Old Testament scholar and spiritual director. 188 pp., incl. index. ISBN 0-940474-36-0. $40.00
4. Philosophical Treatises.Joseph C. McLelland
Philosophical Treatises--scholia on knowledge of God, visions, human being, providence, and free will. 395 pp., incl. indexes. ISBN 0-940474-41-7. $40.00
5. Letters and Sermons. John Patrick Donnelly, S.J.
Simler's biography of Martyr. Letters--correspondence with other Reformers as well as political figures in England and Poland. Sermons and addresses on biblical and theological subjects. 359 pp., incl. indexes. ISBN 0-943549-60-4. $45.00
6. Justification and Predestination.Frank A. James, III
Justification and Predestination--show Martyr's place in the complex debates on both justification and predestination, particularly his debt to the schola Augustiniana moderna, e.g. Gregory of Rimini.
7. Commentary on Aristotle's Ethics. Emidio Campi, L. Wysocki
Commentary on Aristotle's Ethics--his Strasbourg lectures on the Nicomachean Ethics illustrate the relation between philosophy and theology, and enlighten the debate on "Reformed Aristotelianism."
8. Commentary on Lamentations.Daniel J. Shute
Commentary on Lamentations--as Old Testament scholar, Martyr used Hebrew text and rabbinic commentary, providing a fresh look at a little explored area ofRenaissance and Reformation.
9. Commentary on Romans.Frank A. James, III
Commentary on Romans-an influential text in 16th and 17th centuries, with numerous scholia on disputed points of doctrine.
10. Oxford Disputation and Treatise.Joseph C. McLelland
Oxford Disputation and Treatise--the 1549 debate and the treatise written immediately after. Illustrative of the position guiding Cranmer in his Prayer Book revision.
11. Commentary on I Corinthians.Marvin W. Anderson, et al.
Commentary on I Corinthians--Martyr' s lectures at Oxford during the 1549 Prayer Book controversy. Key to his eucharistic exegesis.
12. Commentary on Judges. Robert C. Culley, Joseph C. McLelland
Commentary on Judges--significant for the typological exegesis and theology of history characteristic of covenant theology and Puritan developments.


Commentaries on Genesis, 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings; treatises on biblical interpretation, doctrine of God, politics and ethics; a Peter Martyr Reader.

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