- Hours of Operation - Regular campus business hours are from 8:00am - 5:00pm, but what about the Gym, Clothes Closet, Accounting Window, etc.?  Find out all the details here.
 - RTS Maintenance - Enter your maintenance requests for either campus or housing.
 - Campus Map - See the Jackson Campus from above.
 - Campus Shelters for Inclement Weather - If you're on campus during a Tornado Warning, do you know where to seek shelter?
 - Townhomes Map - A bird's eye view of the RTS Jackson Townhomes. 
 -The Reformed Informer- All previous editions of the Informer are archived here.  The Informer is a weekly e-newsletter that is sent to all our current students while school is in session, and as the seminary’s primary means of communication with our students, it contains essential information for which our students are held responsible (i.e., important dates and deadlines concerning registration, financial aid, etc.)  If you would like the Informer sent to you on a weekly basis, email the editor at (please write "Subscribe" in the subject line).
 - Chapel Messages - Access to the current chapel schedule as well as past chapel messages.