Master of Divinity Program

In the MDiv program at RTS Jackson, we are committed to seeing students who are called to the ministry grow in godly character through diligent study of the Scriptures in their original languages, so that they might become effective preachers and true pastor-theologians.

If You Want To Take The Shepherd's Crook...

and pastor Christ's church, you will chart a path that is not easy. Paul compares the struggle to a fighting soldier, a driving athlete, a plowing farmer. And God gives this challenge to shape godly character in faith and dependence.

At RTS we are a community of believers who have stepped out in faith to embrace God's calling to pastoral ministry. Humbly dependent on God and the power of his gospel, we have gathered for a time of preparation, that we might show ourselves as workmen approved, accurately handling the word of truth. Genesis 1 through Revelation 22 is a love story of how a good and gracious God would stoop to save a rebellious and hard-hearted people. Grasping the thrust of this story produces humble servants of the Word. We want to glorify God by passing the Shepherd's crook on to the next generation of godly ministers so that the Bride of Christ might be matured and the world changed.

Take a moment to listen to what these men say about becoming a workman approved, and you will know how they want to shape you for service. Do you want to be amazed by the work of God in history, to drink deeply from the rich reservoir of the Scriptures, and to be brought to your knees over the fact that God could use you to build his kingdom?

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