Full-Time Student Definition

For the purpose of Grants (not Partnerships), students are considered “Full-time” for the following :
MDIV students for 4 years
MFTC students for 3 years
MA students for 2.5 years
Certificate Students for 1 year
Special Students taking 12 or more hours in a given semester

Students may only receive a Grant for the time allotted above. If, for whatever reason, the student comes to a semester—either or fall or spring—during which they cannot enroll in a normal load and this delay will prohibit the student from completing the degree in the time allotted above, the student may “turn off” their Grant for that semester by informing the Scholarship Committee before that semester begins (this cannot be done retroactively). By “turning off” the Grant for that semester, the student would then be eligible for an additional semester of the Grant beyond the time allotted above. In essence, this permits students the opportunity to break up the time allotted for their full-time status if necessary.


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