Step 4 - Coming to the US

When planning your trip, we recommend that you arrive a couple of weeks before the semester starts, in order to get settled before classes begin. For instance, if you are coming for the fall semester, please plan to arrive in Jackson early August. You must tell us of your anticipated arrival date, airline flight number and time so that we can arrange for someone to pick you up at the airport. An international student orientation will be held, and all international students must attend these sessions. More information about orientation will be available when you arrive. When you or your travel agent reserve your airline tickets, make sure that your final destination is Jackson, Mississippi. There are cities named Jackson in several other states and there is a Jacksonville, Florida.

We hope that nothing will happen to prevent you from attending RTS, but if your plans change and you cannot enroll, please notify the Admissions office immediately.

Once you arrive in the U.S., at the port-of-entry, you must present the following:

            - The I-20 form RTS sent you
- Completed I-94 (you will be given in your fight an I-94 form to complete) 
- A copy of your financial documents

Your I-20 will be returned to you. This document is extremely important since it legitimizes your presence in the US.

Documents that you need to bring to the USA:

               - I-20(s) - Passport(s) (with the I-94 attached).
   - Birth Certificate(s) (translated and certified).
   - Marriage Certificate (translated and certified), if you are married 
   - International Driver’s License (or your national Driver’s License translated and certified)
   - Immunization records (translated and certified - essential if you have school-aged children)

In your Budget you should include settling-in expenses such as:
               - Lease Deposit:
             Single and Married Apartments: $505
Off Campus Townhomes: $605 

   - Utilities fees. There are some fees charged by the utility companies:
                      Single Apartments – no fees (the utilities are already installed)

Married Apartments:
                Entergy: $200 deposit

Off Campus Townhouses:
               Entergy: $200 deposit
               Atmos Energy (Gas) - $85 deposit
               City of Clinton Water Department: $100 deposit
   - Setting-up a home – furniture and appliances.
   - Buying a car. Most students find it necessary! You must also be aware that car insurance is legally required.
   - Laptop.

One more thing to remember when moving to Jackson: our appliances run on 110 volts(!). Foreign appliances do not work well here. Converters for your appliances are not recommended for long term use.

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Stage 2 - Getting your I-20

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Stage 4 - Coming to the U.S.

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