Step 1 - Applying to RTS

A. In order to become a student, you need to apply first. Applicants to seminary programs are evaluated on the basis of academic preparation and potential for ministry. Due to the time needed to complete entire process, application for admission should be made at least 18 months prior to the date of enrollment. New students may enroll in the fall, winter, spring, or summer terms. The following materials should be addressed to the Director of Admissions:

  1. A completed application form (online application)
  2. References from three individuals: Pastoral, Academic and General.
  3. The application fee ($75, non-refundable).
  4. A Statement of Faith.
  5. Call to Christian Service - a statement of reasons for wishing to pursue a particular degree.
  6. A recent photograph.
  7. Official transcripts from all previous academic work (a baccalaureate degree or its foreign equivalent with a 2.6 cumulative GPA is ordinarily required). Undergraduate transcripts (baccalaureate degree or equivalent) from international colleges and universities should be submitted through the World Education Services for evaluation. Make sure to request the Course-by-Course Report and specifically request that they include the language of instruction on the report. Please see the WES Frequently Asked Questions page for further information about fees and processing times. Official transcripts for post-baccalaureate studies (master's, doctorate, etc) should be submitted directly to RTS Jackson.
  8. English proficiency exam: TOEFL – All international students must establish English language proficiency. All applicants whose first language (“mother tongue”) is not English must demonstrate English proficiency by taking the "Test of English as a Foreign Language" (TOEFL). Though there are three different forms of the TOEFL exam, the Internet-based (iBT) TOEFL exam is the only form accepted by Reformed Theological Seminary. To be considered for admission to the MDiv or MA degree programs, applicants must have a total score of 84 or higher, with score no lower than 21 on the four components of the exam (Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing).  To be considered for admission to the MAMFTC degree program, applicants must have a minimum total score of 100, with scores no lower than 25 on each of the subtests (Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing).


For more information or to register for TOEFL, please visit:
Applicants may also contact:


Our RTS institutional code is 1646.
If you put this number in the appropriate place on the test registration form,
your score report will be mailed to us.


B. Upon acceptance to RTS, a non-refundable $200 deposit is required
, which will be credited in your student account for tuition.

C. Upon notification of acceptance to a degree program and the payment of the non-refundable tuition deposit, you may apply for Financial Aid and Housing. Students who have not completed the application process (including a qualifying TOEFL/TWE score) or have not been accepted to a degree program will not be considered for Financial Aid and/or Housing.



- Housing Application – this application will be reviewed as soon as you apply for it, and an answer will be given to you as soon as possible. If an apartment is available for you to rent, you may reserve it by submitting a refundable security deposit of $505 (on-campus) or $605 (townhomes). When you finish your studies at RTS Jackson and vacate the apartment, leaving it clean and undamaged, the security deposit will be refunded to you. For more information about housing, click here.


- Financial Aid – In order to apply for financial aid, the student first must be admitted into a program at particular RTS campus. Your Financial Aid Application will be reviewed only one time, and we recommend that you submit your application for the earliest possible review date. 

Deadlines for Financial Aid applications are dependent upon your desired enrollment date:

  • Summer New Students: Priority deadline is March 15. Regular deadline is May 15.
  • Fall New Students: Priority deadline is May 15. Regular deadline is July 15.
  • Winter/Spring New Students: December 1

To access the Financial Aid Application form, click here. If awarded Financial Aid, the amount of the award may be deducted from the amount of financial resources you are required to document.  (See Step 2). 

Please visit our International Student Scholarships page to learn about the financial aid application process and the unique scholarship opportunities for selected international students.


         Stage 1 - Applying to RTS

Stage 2 - Getting your I-20

Stage 3 - Applying for a Visa

Stage 4 - Coming to the U.S.

Stage 5 - Settling In Information

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