Health Matters

Medical Records

Be sure to bring copies of your medical records and the medical records of the family members who are coming with you.  All medical records should be in English.  Immunization records are required in order for your child to attend school.

Health Insurance Coverage

Due to the high cost of medical care,* it is RTS policy that international students receiving financial aid are required to have major medical insurance coverage for all dependents listed on form I-20.  This is becase medical services are much more expensive in the US than in most countries, and individuals are responsible for all of their own health care expenses.  It is essential that you have a policy that will provide adequate protection for you and your dependents in the event of illness or accident. 

* The approximate cost for a doctor's appointment is $110 without insurance and $30 with insurance.  It is quite costly to have a baby in the U.S.  The approximate cost to deliver a baby in the hospital is $10,000 without insurance and $2000 with insurance.

Dental Care

Most insurance plans in the U.S. do not cover dental care.  Dental care in the U.S. can be costly, so we recommend that you have a complete dental checkup before you leave your home country. 

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