Financial Matters

Things you must pay for upon arrival:     1. Necessary start-up fees (utilities, phone,etc)
     2. Tuition and Fees
     3. Books and School Supplies
     4. Required Health Insurance

RTS Payments

The Accounting office will send you a statement of your account at the end of each month.  Your first month's rent payment will be on your school bill the day that you move in to housing. INITIAL


New students have settling-in expenses such as installation charges for utilities, telephone, kitchen utensils, bedding, food and other household items.  These items may amount to $500 for a single student and $800 for a family.  Students who do not bring computers will learn very quickly that a computer is a necessity for writing papers.  The cost of a basic computer is about $1,000.

Living Expenses

Living expenses range between $950-2,500 per month.  Out of this money the following must be paid:  housing and utilities, food, telephone, laundry, entertainment, clothing, health insurance, possibly a car, and other miscellaneous or emergency items.
Before deciding to bring your spouse and children, carefully consider the cost of living in the U.S.  A married couple without children needs about $2,648 per month.  Families with children should add at least $233 for each child.  Your spouse and children must also have health insurance.

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