4.1 - Getting settled

When you arrive in Jackson, you must come to the Admissions office. Bring your Passport(s) and I-94 card and your I-20(s). We are required to check these documents to confirm your status in the US. We will also provide you with important orientation materials.

Documents that you need to bring to the USA:
- I-20(s)
- Passport(s) (with the I-94 attached)
- Birth Certificate(s) (translated and certified)
- Marriage Certificate (translated and certified), if you are married
- International Driver’s License (or your national Driver’s License translated and certified)
- Immunization records (translated and certified - essential if you have school-aged children)
- Official School letters from your children (translated and certified)

Things to do once you arrive:


If you are living on-campus, you need to sign your lease as soon as possible. You must come to the office of the Director of Housing (Mrs. Kathy Suber). The Lease is very important as a proof of residence.

Bank Account

Once you arrive, you can apply for a bank account. Only the community banks will accept an account without a social security number. 

Driver’s License

Once you arrive, you can get you Driver’s License, which includes a written test and a road test. In order to be excused from the road test you need to bring an international driver’s license or your national driver’s license translated and certified.

Social Security Number

If you have been awarded an on-campus job, you can apply for a Social Security number ten days after you arrive on-campus, and you must have a Social Security number before you may begin working on campus.  Only students with on-campus employment may apply for a Social Security card.  


Health insurance

Due to the high cost of medical care, it is the policy of RTS that every registered student must have health insurance. Medical services are much more expensive in the US than in most countries, and individuals are responsible for all of their own health care expenses. It is essential that you have a policy that will provide adequate protection for you and your dependents in the event of illness or accident. You may purchase health insurance through RTS or you may choose to purchase a different health insurance policy. You can get more information about insurance when you arrive.   

Summer English

If your TOEFL score was between 80 and 100, you are required to take Summer English classes. This is an eight-week summer language and orientation program at the English Language Institute (ELI) at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS. This course has been designed to not only increase the student's competency in English but also introduce him to American culture. If there are enough students desiring or needing a  summer English course, RTS will offer an English Service program. Please contact Carrye Allen at callen@rts.edu if you are interested in the English Service program at RTS.

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