Academic Expectations

Course Work

The American students at RTS find the academics to be rigorous and challenging.  We want you to be prepared to take on a heavy study load.  Lectures are the primary form of instruction.  If you take 16 hours of classes, you will be in class 16 hours per week.  You should spend 2 hours studying out of class for every hour that you are in class, equaling 32 hours of study out of class.


You are responsible for your own work.  Plagiarism is considered academic theft.  The MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers says “to plagiarize is to give the impression that you have written or thought something that you have in fact borrowed form someone else.”  If you do borrow other people’s ideas or words, you must properly acknowledge the source.

Academic Advisor

You have been assigned an academic advisor.  You should plan to meet with him each term to have your class schedule approved before you register. 

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