Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get scholarships or financial aid?

Yes, RTS offers a number of generous aid in the form of partnerships, need and merit based scholarships, and additional assistance. Our most popular scholarship is the Church Partnership program, where RTS matches what your supporting church contributes, up to one third of your tuition. Please check out our financial aid form for more specific information.

Does RTS help with finding a job?

At RTS Charlotte, we are committed to helping students and their spouses find a job. While we cannot guarantee a job, we help by sending out a job list and assisting in networking.

Does RTS help with finding a place to live?

RTS Charlotte assists students as they search for living accommodations by sending out an apartment list and alerting our students about other housing options as we are notified. This list includes places that give our students preferred status, which reduces some of their fees and application costs.

What is the community like?

We have a great community on campus and our students are very involved. We have weekly events like Chapel, Coffee Fellowship, and Prayer Chapel. Our students also find time to play soccer nearby or basketball on campus. Further, we have events where students gather for cookouts, talent shows, and other times of fellowship.

What is your denominational background?

RTS is non-denominational but does hold to the Westminster Confession of Faith. Across RTS our students and professors hail from approximately 60 different denominations. We seek to be a place that is firm in our theological commitment to the inerrancy and infallibility of scripture as well as the reformed faith, all the while, welcoming students from different backgrounds.

Where can I go to church?

RTS Charlotte is in the center of the Queen City, which has the nickname of “The City of Churches.” There is a diverse host of churches in the city from different denominations, and we have a recommended list of churches to help students. Often, students choose the church based on the internship opportunities available so that they can apply what they learn in a church context.

Where can I get an internship?

Internships are an integral part of the student’s experiences at RTS Charlotte. We have a host of churches that have our students as interns. Many are paid positions and some are unpaid. Currently, about 85% of our students are serving as interns in various local churches.

What are the demographics of the student body?

Presbyterian (PCA, ARP, EPC, PCUSA, OPC) – 68%;
Baptist (SBC, Independent) – 9%;
Non-denominational – 11%,
others – 12% from many other denominations

81% male
19% female

91% White,
4% African-American,
2% Asian-American/Asian,
2% Hispanic-American/Hispanic,
1% Korean-American/Hispanic

In what way do you integrate academic knowledge and practical ministry?

We seek to develop pastor-scholars and that begins with our faculty. Our professors are experts in their fields and are well published and experienced in their disciplines, all of them have had church or pastoral experience. With that in mind, our professors incorporate this aspect in all classes with application to situations and experiences. Further, we have an extensive practical theology component in our program that focuses on necessary aspects in pastoring.

What counseling courses are upcoming?

For upcoming counseling courses please click here.

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