Course Catalog

Reformed Theological Seminary has seven degree-granting campuses: atlanta, Georgia; Charlotte, North Carolina; Jackson, Mississippi; Orlando, Florida; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Washington DC; and Global Education (U .S . and International) . This catalog describes the degree programs available at these campuses . For Sao Paulo, Brazil, there is a minimal explanation in the Doctor of Ministry section (for more detailed information regarding the D .Min . degree in Sao Paulo, please contact RTS Jackson).

In addition to the seven degree-granting campuses, Reformed Theological Seminary has two additional campuses at which the student may earn up to 49% of the Master of arts (Religion) degree . The two campuses are located in Memphis, Tennessee, and Houston, Texas.

Come visit Reformed Theological Seminary as a prospective student or as one who is interested in theological education . Come see the campus, attend classes, and meet some of the students and faculty members. A pre-seminary reading list is available here.