Student Pulpit Supply

Trained RTS/Charlotte Master of Divinity degree students are available for occasional pulpit supply.  If you or your church are interested in using a student as a preacher for your worship service or for other speaking opportunities, simply contact any of the students listed below.  They have been approved to preach by the preaching faculty here at RTS and have indicated that they would be willing to preach in another denomination:





 Mason Kiple 630-525-0407 PCA
 Curtis Shields 205-903-2625 PCA
 Aaron Gray 704-891-2656 PCA
 Edward Murray 706-951-8560 Reformed Baptist
 Tyler Griffin 706-305-1108 PCA
 Jim Barroll 704-535-2399 PCA
 Matt McQuade 


 Reformed Baptist
 Karl Weigt 704-607-5917 PCA
 Andrew Triolo 704-904-9933 PCA