• Field Education Registration [PDF][DOC] - This form must be filled out and submitted to the Field Education Director.
  • Mentor Information [PDF][DOC] - This form should be filled out by your mentor and given back to you so you may submit it to the Field Education Director.
  • Learning Covenant Worksheet [PDF] - This form will give you the guidelines and what must be covered in a 2 page paper submitted as part of starting your internship.
  • Supervision Reflection Notes [PDF][DOC] - This form is to be filled out after having contact hours with your mentor.
  • Student Self-Evaluation Form [PDF][DOC]
  • Mentor Evaluation Form [PDF][DOC]
  • Professor Evaluation Form [PDF][DOC]
  • Complete Field Education Guidlines [DOC]

When Are These Forms Due?

  1. Due at time of Self-Service registration for PT536 (Field Ed Internship Registration)
    • Field Education Registration
    • Mentor Information (including listening to the Mentor Training Lecture)
    • Learning Covenant
  2. Due after completion of 400 hours
    • Field Education Seminar
    • Field Education Paper
  3. Due during PT534 (Field Ed Seminar)
    • Student Self-Evaluation Form
    • Mentor Evaluation Form
    • Professor Evaluation Form

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