Qualifications for a Pastor/Mentor

  1. The mentor has demonstrated Christian maturity and competence in ministry, possessing the necessary knowledge and practical abilities to do contemporary Christian ministry. 
  2. The mentor is actively engaged in full-time parish ministry/specialized ministry and has at least three years of experience as a pastor or full-time Christian ministry. 
  3. The mentor must have theological training (usually a seminary degree) or its equivalent.
  4. A mentor has the necessary supervisor skills to direct and evaluate a student.  

Pastor/Mentor Responsibilities

  1. Listen to the Supervision Training Seminar located below:
    • Mentor Seminar- Please click here to download an mp3 of Dr. Don Fortson's lecture on being a mentor for the RTS Field Education.
    • Mentor Training -These are Dr. Fortson's powerpoints to accompany the lecture. They are in Adobe PDF format.
  2. Meet with student in supervisory sessions for review of the student’s progress in ministry practice.  (12 contact hour minimum) 
  3. Provide ministry project opportunities for the student in the parish setting. 
  4. Complete a final evaluation on the student.

Approval Process for Pastor/Mentor

  1. A mentor is nominated by the student.
  2. The student secures a Mentor Information form for the potential supervisor. The student returns this information form to the Director of Field Education.
  3. The Director of Field Education, after reviewing the Mentor Information form, notifies the student and mentor if approval is granted.

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