Approach - M.A. in Christian Counseling

Philosophy of the Counseling Program

We believe wise help and counsel should be at the heart of the life and purpose of the church. Because of this commitment, you can expect to be thoroughly prepared both through biblical and theological studies and practical counseling training that is designed to equip students for counseling ministry in the local church and beyond.

The biblical, theological, and historical courses unpack the content of our Christian faith, while counseling and ministry courses bring that content to bear on the situations and details of people in need. Our program includes a comprehensive study of the entire Bible, which we believe best equips our students to apply all of Scripture to life. We emphasize how to bring these together to fulfill the mission of the church in the shepherding of its people.

RTS Charlotte’s program will embody a model of biblically-grounded care and counsel as manifested in organizations such as the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF) and the Biblical Counseling Coalition (BCC).


Biblical and theological integrity – We believe true care and counsel in the church derives its identity above all from the wisdom and ways of God revealed in Jesus Christ through all of Scripture. With a comprehensive study of the entire Bible and theology classes in the masters degrees, our program emphasizes the Scriptures as the foundation for understanding people and helping them find lasting change.

The Centrality of the Gospel – The gospel of Jesus Christ is the origin of all human transformation that pleases God. This begins with justification and continues through sanctification. Because the greatest commandment is to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, heart change will always precede God-honoring behavioral change.

A vision for the local church – One of the most effective and needed places for wise counsel is the local church. While graduates use their degrees in multiple venues of ministry, the local church is at the heart of our mission and the primary place for the “physician of the soul” to communicate and apply the hope of the gospel.

Hands on experience in counseling and ministry – Counseling is a face-to-face discipline, and we seek to train our students in both theory and practice. RTS Charlotte uniquely gives students the opportunity to observe live biblical counseling under the guidance of a qualified biblical counselor. Our program likewise involves internships, field opportunities, and hands on training for students to gain experience in the church and various counseling ministries.

Scholarships and support – RTS Charlotte is committed to giving generous support to help you make seminary possible. We offer scholarships through ministry partnerships, church partnerships, and more. Contact the Admissions Department for more information.

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