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The faculty and staff of Reformed Theological Seminary are integral to the quality and success of the educational experience and programs we offer. We are indeed blessed by God to have such a diverse and devoted team dedicated to providing students with the best.

Quality is also measured by the devotion to God exhibited by each of our faculty and staff. Theological training is far more than learning facts and techniques, it is also found in being taught and mentored by true disciples of Jesus Christ.


RTS Faculty are recognized as world leaders in Reformed theology. Each campus is blessed with men and women who are leaders in their respective disciplines and who continually seek to grow in their own devotion as well. To learn more about RTS faculty, click the links below:

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RTS Staff are committed to providing a rich learning environment where students can excel. Our staff are committed to the vision and values of RTS and are dedicated to the cause of Christ in seminary education. For a complete listing of RTS staff, visit our Online Directory.

Professor Ordination

Reformed Theological Seminary is an independent institution, free from control by any particular denomination. RTS welcomes students from many denominational affiliations, but historically it has prepared men and women predominantly for ministry within conservative Presbyterian and Reformed churches. The Board, faculty, and senior staff are individually under the jurisdiction of the various church courts of the denominations of which they are members, and those affiliations are also largely conservative Presbyterian and Reformed churches.

While there is some diversity on a number of issues among the Board, faculty, staff, students, and the various constituencies RTS serves, the majority of those individuals associated with RTS believe that the Bible teaches that the ordained pastorate is reserved for men. At the same time RTS fully acknowledges and appreciates the important roles that women serve as co-laborers in the ministry of the church.

RTS in its historical practice has selected professors in the Biblical Studies, Theology, and Practical Theology departments who are ordained pastors (or who are qualified by RTS’ predominant denominational constituencies as ordainable), as they minister the Word of God to the student body and model pastoral leadership. Given the theological position of the Board and constituencies, RTS will continue to limit professors who teach Biblical Studies, Theology, and Practical Theology to men. Exceptions to this may and have included courses in language-grammar, speech, culture, missiology, etc. Professors teaching in the Counseling programs and librarians with faculty status are also open to both men and women.

It should be noted that all degree programs are open to all qualified students, both men and women.

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