Fall 2009

      HT502 History of Christianity 1
      HT729 ARP History
      MS518 Missions
NT504 Greek 2
      NT508 Gospels
      ON602 Archaeology of the Bible and the Ancient Near East
      OT502 Hebrew Introduction (Heb 1)
      OT506 Hebrew Exegesis (Heb 3)
      OT516 Isaiah-Malachi
      PT506 Introduction to Preaching
      PT508 Communication 1
PT512 Leadership
      PT512 Leadership (Parish Track)
      PT516 Pastoral Counseling
      PT520 Church Polity
      PT522 Communication 2
PT534 Field Education Seminar
      PT611 ARP Church Polity
      PT732 Discipleship and Campus Ministry
      ST502 Intro to Pastoral/Theological Studies
      ST504 History of Philosophy & Christian Thought
      ST508 Systematic Theology 1
      ST522 Systematic Theology 3
      ST526 Sanctification
ST528 Pastoral & Social Ethics
      ST603 Scottish Theology

Summer 2009

HT502 History of Christianity 1
       NT502 Greek 1
       ON703 Hermeneutics (Dr. Richard Pratt)
       ON726 The Use of the OT in the NT (Dr. Greg Beale)
       OT508 Genesis to Joshua
       ST528 Pastoral & Social Ethics (Dr. Mark Ross)
       DM860 Jonathan Edwards (Dr. Sam Logan)
       DM803 Leadership (Dr. John Sittema)

Spring 2009

       CE514 Educational Ministry of the Church
       HT504 History of Christianity II
       HT506 Church & the World
      HT607 American Presbyterianism
       MS508 Evangelism
       MS508 Evangelism (Parish Track)
       NT506 Greek Exegesis
       NT520 Pauline Epistles
NT522 Hebrews - Revelation
       ON504 Advanced Biblical Exegeis (Macro-Hermeneutics)
OT504 Intermediate Hebrew
       OT508 Genesis - Joshua
       OT512 Poets
      PT506 Introduction to Preaching
      PT510 Preaching Lab I
       PT518 Pastoral Ministry    
PT524 Preaching Lab II (Belcher)
       PT524 Preaching Lab II
       PT524 Preaching Lab II
PT526 Worship
       ST522 Systematic Theology III
       ST601 Covenant Theology
       ST610 Trinity
ST628 Applied Apologetics

Winter 2009

       NT516 Acts & Romans
       ST530 Apologetics
       HT508 Classics of Personal Devotion
       OT510 Judges - Esther
       HT730 The Life and Theology of Martin Luther       
       ST516 Systematic Theology II

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