Fall 2008

       HT502 History of Christianity 1
       MS518 Missions
NT504 Greek 2
      NT508 Gospels
      OT502 Hebrew Introduction
      OT506 Hebrew Exegesis
      OT516 Isaiah-Malachi
       PT508 Communication 1
PT512 Leadership
      PT516 Pastoral Counseling(Rod Mays)
PT520 Church Polity
      PT520 Church Polity (Parish Track)
       PT522 Communication 2
       PT534 Field Education Seminar
ST502 Intro to Pastoral and Theological Studies
      ST504 History of Philosophy and Christian Thought(Robert Burns)
ST508 Systematic Theology 1(Scripture/Theology/Anthropology)
       ST526 Sanctification
ST528 Pastoral and Social Ethics
       ST623 Southern Presbyterian Theology and History
ST631 Westminster Standards and Reformed Creeds

Summer 2008

       HT610 Ministry in a Post-Modern Context (Dr. Michael Horton)
       NT502 Greek 1
       NT516 Exposition of Hebrews (Dr. D.A. Carson)
       OT512 Poets
       PT731 Pastoral Ministry: Local Church and College Campus (Dr. Rod Mays)
       ST530 Apologetics
       DM802 Applied Theology (Dr. Mark Ross)
       DM810 Reformed Worship (Dr. Terry Johnson)

Spring 2008

       ON504 Advanced Biblical Exegesis (Macro-Hermeneutics)
       HT506 Church & the World
       ST601 Covenant Theology
       CE514 Educational Ministry of the Church (Dr. Doug Falls)
       CE514 Educational Ministry of the Church (Parish Track)
       MS508 Evangelism
       MS508 Evangelism (Parish Track)
       OT727 Exegesis & Preaching in Ecclesiastes
       OT508 Genesis - Joshua
       ON605Greek / Hebrew Readings
       NT506 Greek Exegesis
       NT522 Hebrews - Revelation
       HT504 History of Christianity II
       OT504 Intermediate Hebrew
       OT510 Judges - Esther (Columbia, SC)
       ST604 Medieval Theology
       NT617 Origin & Authority of NT Canon
       PT518 Pastoral Ministry    
       NT520 Pauline Epistles
       OT512 Poets
       ON842 Prayer in the Bible
       PT510 Preaching Lab I
       PT524 Preaching Lab II
       ST522 Systematic Theology III
       PT526 Worship

 Winter 2008

NT516 Acts & Romans(Dr. Bill Barcley)
ST530 Apologetics
       ST726 Christianity & the Postmodern World(Dr. Richard Lints)
HT508 Classics of Personal Devotion
       OT510 Judges - Esther
       ST516 Systematic Theology II
       DM899 The Doctoral Project & Research Methodologies (CANCELED)
DM801 Theology of Ministry(Dr. Shelton Sanford)

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