Master Of Arts - Counseling

For RTS Orlando students graduating in May 2019 who are remaining under the previous MAC curriculum, please see these curriculum requirements.

Summer Semester9 Hours
PSY502Counseling & Helping Relationship Skills3 Hours
PSY571Group Theories & Practice3 Hours
PSY543Assessment & Testing3 Hours
Fall Semester13 Hours
PSY519Psychopathology3 Hours
PSY560Theory & Practice of Counseling & Psychotherapy3 Hours
PSY575Neuroscience Informed Counseling2 Hours
ST510Theological Foundations for Counseling2 Hours
OT601Old Testament Studies for Counseling3 Hours
Winter Semester5 Hours
PSY592Substance Abuse & Addictions3 Hours
PSY504Psychodiagnostics2 Hours
Spring Semester14 Hours
PSY552Couples and Family Counseling I2 Hours
PSY553Couples and Family Counseling II3 Hours
PSY551Professional, Ethical, and Legal Studies3 Hours
PSY650Practicum3 Hours
NT601New Testament Studies for Counseling3 Hours
Summer Semester9 Hours
PSY576Counseling in Community Settings3 Hours
PSY573Human Sexuality3 Hours
PSY654Counseling Internship3 Hours
Fall Semester12 Hours
PSY510Social & Cultural Issues in Counseling3 Hours
PSY511Human Growth & Development3 Hours
ST511Systematic Theology Studies for Counseling3 Hours
PSY654Couneling Internship*3 Hours
Winter Semester3 Hours
PSY546Research & Program Evaluation3 Hours
Spring Semester13 Hours
PSY516Career & Lifestyle Development3 Hours
PSY654Counseling Internship3 Hours
PSY633Application of Counseling and Theology1 Hours
OT, NT, ST, HT Electives6 Hours

*Extends thru Winter Term

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