Master Of Arts (Biblical Studies) - Core Curriculum

Atlanta Campus

Theology18 Hours
04ST502Intro to Pastoral and Theological Studies3 Hours
04ST504History and Philosophy of Christian Thought3 Hours
04ST515ST: Scripture, Theology Proper, Anthropology3 Hours
04ST517ST: Christology, Soteriology, Eschatology3 Hours
04ST519ST: Ecclesiology and Sacraments2 Hours
04ST601Covenant Theology2 Hours
04ST530Apologetics2 Hours
Church History8 Hours
04HT502History of Christianity I3 Hours
04HT504History of Christianity II3 Hours
04HT506Church & World2 Hours
Biblical Studies24 Hours
04OT508Genesis - Joshua3 Hours
04OT516Isaiah - Malachi3 Hours
04OT512Poets2 Hours
04OT510Judges - Esther2 Hours
04NT508Gospels3 Hours
04NT516Acts & Romans2 Hours
04NT520Pauline Epistles3 Hours
04NT522Hebrews - Revelation3 Hours
04ON504Advanced Biblical Exegesis3 Hours

The MABS curriculum consists of 66 semester hours, including fifty hours of core curriculum, plus eight elective hours in biblical studies, which may include Greek and/or Hebrew, plus eight hours of free electives.

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