Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy and Counseling

3-Year Curriculum

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Fall Semester 7 Hours
01PSY574BNeuroscience Psychopharmacology and Neuroscience-Informed Therapies0 Hours
01PSY573Sexuality and Sex Therapy3 Hours
01PSY656Clinical Internship2 Hours
01OT500Introduction to Biblical Theology2 Hours
Winter Semester1 Hour
01PSY6561Clinical Internship1 Hour
Cycled Course (Winter of 1st or 2nd year)0 Hours
Spring Semester 10 Hours
01PSY656Clinical Internship2 Hours
01ST601Covenant Theology2 Hours
Cycled Courses6 Hours
Summer Semester 5 Hours
01PSY547AEvaluation and Assessment for Counselors3 Hours
01PSY6562Clinical Internship2 Hours
Fall Semester 8 Hours
01PSY656Clinical Internship*[0-2] Hours
01PSY511Human Growth & Development3 Hours
01PSY519Psychopathology3 Hours
01PSY547BEvaluation and Assessment for Counselors0 Hours
01ST506ST Survey2 Hours
Winter Semester0 Hours
01PSY6561Clinical Internship*[0-1] Hour
Spring Semester 11 Hours
01PSY656Clinical Internship*[0-2] Hours
01OT513OT Wisdom Literature for Christian Counseling3 Hours
01ST507Applied Theology2 Hours
Cycled Courses6 Hours
Summer Semester 1 Hours
1PSY6562Clinical Internship*[0-2] Hours
1PSY626Psychology in Relation to Theology III**1 Hours

Cycle A 
Crisis Situations - 1
Career and Lifestyle Development - 3
Research and Program Evaluation - 3
Cycle B
Social and Cultural Issues - 3
Addictions and Abuse - 3

* Clinic in Year 3 is strongly recommended, as well as taking Psych in Relation to Theology III in the Summer of Year 3. If Clinic credit in Year 3 is not taken, Psychology In Relation to Theology III must be taken in the Summer of Year 2.

** Psych/Theo III can only be taken after completing 7 hours of clinical credit, or with permission of the Program Director for exceptions.


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