Ms. Laura Armstrong

Senior Library Assistant

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Laura Armstrong started at RTS Orlando as a student in 2007 where she earned her Master of Arts in Biblical Studies. Prior to that, she attended the University of Florida and graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts. Laura also had two years of experience working in the public library system.

In 2010, Laura came on staff with RTS Orlando as the Library Public Services Assistant; she was promoted to Senior Library Assistant in 2013. Laura provides administrative support for the daily functioning of the library in order to provide reference and other library services to our students, staff, faculty, and community library patrons. She plans library events including the Library Storytimes, manages the periodical collection, oversees the work study students, manages the book reserves, and assists the Library Director.

Art continues to play a major part in Laura's life. She loves drawing, painting, and almost any other creative activity. She frequently participates in art and craft shows and has produced several pieces of artwork and stationary for RTS Orlando. Laura also loves leading small group Bible studies in her church and encouraging others to be in the Word while getting to know one another. She also spends a lot of time reading (appropriate for a library employee) and recently started a vegetable garden. Family also plays a very important role in Laura's life; she loves spending time with her two favorite people - her nieces.

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