The faculty and staff of Reformed Theological Seminary are integral to the quality and success of the educational experience and programs we offer. We are indeed blessed by God to have such a diverse and devoted team dedicated to providing students with the best.

Dr. Allen Dr. Michael Allen Associate Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology » Theology and Philosophy | Faculty | Orlando  

Mrs. Blackston Mrs. Rachel Blackston Visiting Lecturer in Counseling » Counseling | Guest Faculty | Orlando  

Dr. Bradshaw Dr. Stephen Bradshaw Visiting Lecturer in Counseling » Counseling | Guest Faculty | Orlando  

Dr. Childers Dr. Steven L. Childers Associate Professor of Practical Theology » Practical Theology | Faculty | Orlando 407-278-4931

Dr. Coffield Dr. James Coffield Professor of Counseling and Clinical Director of the MAC Program » Counseling | Faculty | Orlando 407-278-8828

Dr. Dr. Kevin Collins Director of Field Education and Visiting Lecturer in Practical Theology » Admissions | Staff | Institutional » Practical Theology | Guest Faculty | Orlando 407-278-8824

Dr. Coupland Dr. Scott Coupland Professor of Counseling and Academic Director of the MAC Program » Counseling | Faculty | Orlando 407-278-4466

Dr. Frame Dr. John M. Frame J. D. Trimble Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy » Theology and Philosophy | Faculty | Orlando 407-278-4467

Dr. Futato Dr. Mark D. Futato Robert L. Maclellan Professor of Old Testament » Old Testament | Faculty | Orlando 407-278-4459

Rev. Glodo Rev. Michael J. Glodo Associate Professor of Biblical Studies » Biblical Studies | Faculty | Orlando 407-278-4476

Ms. Hersh Ms. Sharon Hersh Adjunct Professor of Counseling » Counseling | Adjunct Faculty | Orlando  

Dr. Hill Dr. Charles E. Hill John R. Richardson Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity » New Testament | Faculty | Orlando 407-278-4471

Dr. Holcomb Dr. Justin S. Holcomb Adjunct Professor of Theology » Theology and Philosophy | Adjunct Faculty | Orlando » Theology and Philosophy | Guest Faculty | Washington D.C.  

Dr. Johnson Dr. Keith Johnson Visiting Lecturer in Systematic Theology » Theology and Philosophy | Guest Faculty | Orlando  

Dr. Kidd Dr. Reggie M. Kidd Professor of New Testament » New Testament | Faculty | Orlando » New Testament | Guest Faculty | Houston 407-278-4961

Rev. Kirk Rev. Larry Kirk Adjunct Professor of Practical Theology » Practical Theology | Adjunct Faculty | Orlando  

Dr. Kistemaker Dr. Simon J. Kistemaker (Emeritus) Professor of New Testament, Emeritus » New Testament | Faculty | Orlando  

Mr. Mr. Greg Lanier Assistant Professor of New Testament and Dean of Students » New Testament | Faculty | Orlando » Student Services | Staff | Orlando  

Dr. MacKenzie Dr. Charles S. MacKenzie Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Theology » Theology and Philosophy | Faculty | Orlando  

Mr. Muether Mr. John R. Muether Dean of Libraries » Church History | Faculty | Orlando » Library | Staff | Orlando 407-278-4439

Dr. Richard Pratt Dr. Richard Pratt Adjunct Professor of Old Testament » Old Testament | Adjunct Faculty | Orlando  

Dr. Reeves Dr. Ryan Reeves Visiting Lecturer of Historical Theology » Church History | Guest Faculty | Houston » Church History | Guest Faculty | Orlando  

Dr. Shyers Dr. Larry Shyers Visiting Lecturer in Counseling » Counseling | Guest Faculty | Orlando  

Dr. Swain Dr. Scott R. Swain Professor of Systematic Theology and Academic Dean » Academic Dean | Staff | Orlando » Theology and Philosophy | Faculty | Orlando » Theology and Philosophy | Guest Faculty | Houston 407-278-4557

Dr. Dr. Don Sweeting President and James Woodrow Hassell Professor of Church History » Campus President | Cabinet | Orlando » Church History | Faculty | Orlando 407-278-4406