RTS Hosts Conference on China’s Reforming Churches

Reformed Theological Seminary’s conference on China’s Reforming Churches convened January 2-4, 2013, at Wallace Presbyterian Church in College Park, Maryland.  The conference was organized by Bruce Baugus, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Theology at RTS Jackson, and David Holmlund, Pastor of Pilgrim Presbyterian Church, an OPC congregation in New Hampshire.

Approximately 140 people gathered each of the three days to consider the past, present, and future of the Presbyterian and Reformed mission to China, with a special emphasis on how North American Presbyterian and Reformed folk might partner with and better assist our Chinese counterparts in healthy, biblical church development. 

Among the participants were recognized experts on Christianity in China, experienced missionaries, representatives of most NAPARC churches active in China, Reformed scholars and theological educators from both sides of the Pacific, translators and publishers of Reformed literature, and Chinese church leaders.  Presenters at the conference included Wright Doyle, Brent Fulton, Peter Lillback, A. Donald MacLeod, David VanDrunen, and Guy Waters.

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