RTS Jackson Faculty Members Publish Three Books

RTS Jackson is pleased to announce our faculty’s latest contribution to scholarship, addressing church government, communion, and church history.

Dr. Guy Waters, Associate Professor of New Testament, wrote How Jesus Runs the Church, released by P&R Publishing.  This volume establishes the biblical foundations of the government of the church and addresses issues such as the significance of church membership, the church’s authority and responsibilities and the limits thereof, and Jesus’ reign as reflected by and through church officers.  In a time when the importance and authority of the church is treated casually by some and ignored altogether by others, Waters’ book will take us back to a biblical understanding of the role of the church in the life of a believer.

Dr. Ligon Duncan, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology, together with Dr. Guy Waters, edited a volume entitled Children and the Lord’s Supper, released by Mentor.  This book investigates who should partake of the Lord’s supper and when.  Does baptism grant admittance to the Lord’s table?  How does 1 Cor 11, “let a man examine himself,” impact our understanding of the rights and privileges that come with baptism?  This collection of essays takes a constructive look at the doctrine of paedo-communion across biblical, theological, historical, and pastoral disciplines.

Dr. Andrew Hoffecker, Professor of Church History Emeritus, published Charles Hodge: The Pride of Princeton, released by P&R Publishing.  Charles Hodge (1797-1878) is regarded by many as the most significant American theologian of the nineteenth century.  Hodge’s Reformed orthodoxy and evangelical piety made him a true pastor-scholar with a tremendous impact on theological education and public life.  Hodge’s impact still echoes in the American church today.  This biography is, in many ways, Hoffecker’s magnum opus, a culmination of Hoffecker’s passion for the orthodoxy and piety found in old Princeton.  The foreword is by Mark Noll.

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