Recent Student Activities: Fellowship of the Nations, Hymn Sing & Date Night

The Student Cabinet organized a diverse ensemble of events for the first full month of this new academic year.  The Student Body enjoyed a taste of culture, an evening of singing, and a night out.

The fourth annual Fellowship of the Nations Pot Luck was held at Patterson’s Porch on Friday, September 9, and students were instructed to bring a dish that represented where they were from.  The results were remarkable, as you can see for yourself.  Just to mention some of the desserts to give you a taste of the evening, there was Shoo-fly Pie from Pennsylvania, Kentucky Derby Pie (from KY, obviously), Pecan Pie from Mississippi, Turtle Pecan Trifle from Georgia, among many.  Along with many American students, we had international students present from Myanmar, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, South Africa, Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico, and Canada, and several of them talked about some of the unique aspects of their home and their cultures.

On Friday, September 16, Dr. Guy Waters, Associate Professor of New Testament, and his wife Sarah hosted 25 students (and 9 kids) into their home for an evening of singing and fellowship.  The whole affair was about two hours; the first part of the evening was fellowship (during which 11 pizzas were consumed), and the remainder was taken up with full-throated hymnody and psalmody.  A good time was had by all!  

Date Night on Friday, September 23 was an evening where students served one another.  Nine students without children—both single and married—served the families in our community by watching 48 children so that 18 couples could have a night on the town.  For the first part of the evening, couples went out for dinner either by themselves or with friends, and later everyone rendezvoused at Yog’n Fruit for free soft-serve yogurt before picking up their kids.  Many thanks to the students who gave up their Friday evening to promote healthy marriages in our seminary families!

For more pictures of Fellowship of the Nations or Date Night, please visit our Facebook page.

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